Google docs to website in 60 seconds with Scribed

The fastest way to spin up a blog, documentation or portfolio site, using the tools you already use - no onboarding needed.

Beautiful design, built for speed, ease and SEO.


Why you should use Google Drive as a CMS with Scribed

No more onboarding

Start publishing immediately using the tools your team already works with. No need to learn or train anyone on a new CMS.

60 second set up

Simply create a folder, share it with us, and give your site a name. We do the rest.

Effortless customization

Start with a template and customise to match your brand.

Host on your domain or ours

Host on your own custom domain, or your own free Scribed subdomain.

Optimized for SEO and speed

No need to spend time setting up SEO. Scrided is optimized out of the box.

100% SEO score

Our pages have all technical SEO features enabled by default.

Blazing fast loading

Our pages are designed to load in under 1 second for the best user experience and ultimate search engine optimisation.

100% mobile responsive

Our pages are designed to look great on any device.

Leverage the power of Google Drive for your site

Get the benefit of the world's most popular realtime collaboration platform for frictionless publishing.

User management

Use Google Drive's powerful sharing features to manage who can view, edit and publish your pages.

Realtime collaboration

Work with your team in real time, utilizing Drive's Suggestions and commenting features, or Scribes Drafts folder, for works in progress.

Multi modal publishing by default

Any image, video, or audio files you place in your Drive folder(s) will be published alongside your posts on beautiful, customized, optimized pages.



Loved by users; adored by search engines.

Near-instant sync

Pages update within 60 seconds of an edit to your doc.


Use Scribed to share written, audio, still image or video content - straight out of your Google Drive folders.

How it works

Setting up Scribed is as easy as 1, 2, 3

60 second setup

Launch your blog, helpsite, portfolio, changelog or docs site in less than a minute.


Create and share a folder

Create a folder where your content will live in your Google Drive and share it with us.


Tell us where it is

Give us the URL of the folder you've created


Give your site a name

Choose a name for your site and optionally select a template, and we'll take care of the rest.

One-click publishing

Publishing a post with Scribed is as easy as creating a file in Google Drive.


Create a new file in your Drafts folder

Create a new file in or move a file into your Drafts folder.


Start writing

Let your creative juices flow.


Move out of drafts

As soon as you move a file to your Posts folder, it will be automatically published, along with any changes you make, in near real-time.



  • 1 site
  • Max. 20 posts
  • Custom scribed subdomains (e.g.
  • Access to all templates and site types
  • No custom domain

  • No custom branding

  • No analytics

  • Max. 5k page views per month


$399.99 will be charged annually
  • Up to 5 sites
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Custom domains
  • Custom branding
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Max 10k page views per month


$899.99 will be charged annually
  • Unlimited sites
  • Up to 100k page views per month
  • Everything in Pro plan

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